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the windows are shaking
eventually to shatter
as I tip toe towards the cliff
what a beautiful view
one step closer
to another dimension
but a hand sticks out
and pulls me back
we drank wine together
we had dinner together
we watched tv together
we went to bed together
we showered together
we kissed together
we were naked together
we would never be apart
the door slams shut behind us
you take me into the room
the walls are no longer welcoming
the warmth has escaped
I shudder at the tone of your voice
I can hear the cracking of an organ
the reality is deafening
I hear nothing but silence
we went shopping together
we went bowling together
we rode bikes together
we went riding together
we would party together
we once laughed together
we always smiled together
we would never be apart
must’ve been something I said
must’ve been something I did
must’ve been…must’ve been
“it’s not you.  It’s me”
we no longer see each other
we no longer speak to each other
we no longer dance with each other
we no longer touch each other
we no longer listen to each other
we no longer stare at each other
we no longer kiss each other
we are finally apart

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Posted on 02:58PM on Jun 30th, 2013
Go and study nature, plants, trees, clouds, rain, and sun and think how it all happened to be and then ask yourself why you feel the way you do now and ask yourself for an improvement in your own feelings - Try loving yourself a bit more too !!!!!
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